Friday, October 11, 2013

It's the Future; or it was back then anyway.

A while back someone who should know mentioned that one of my prints had a Futurist look to them. I think it was John Nanian if my ailing mind remembers correctly. Twas this print. Nice eh? It's in CaNada now since someone took a liking to it.

Now, not knowing anything about Futurism let alone futurism in photography a bought a second-hand book on the subject and came across Anton Guilio Bragaglia and futurist Photography - a movement rather stained by it's association with Facism. Still, the imagery was interesting to say the least and made me look further. There are some really nice images here.

Then my pal Henry Iddon mentioned his MA paper he wrote entitled Photography, Embodiment and the ‘Athletic Experience’ - it's a fine read of course but I won't bother you with it here only that he mentioned Mr Bragaglia there too. How good is that?

I'm hooked on the 'movement' now as it were. I have several images of this ilk  just waiting to be printed. 


Keith said...

Andrea, this particular snap arouses "cubist" imagery in my head (Braque)

Interesting stuff on the futurists - didn't know about them

gz said...