Friday, December 07, 2012

Lord Wiesmier; former Pirate, Commando, friend of Fidel, Kebab shop owner, keeper off of The Daleks etc

May I present to you, His Lordship, the right wonderful Wiesmier of this parish [curtseys to the fullest extent me old knees will allow].

ps; you should bow or curtsey at this point too. Eve won't but then she is rabbitist and everything - And that won't be forgotten mark my words!

Lord Wiesmier has been my close friend and ally for quite a few years. Ok, calm down, I can tell you are jealous already. There's no need to be as Lord Wiesmier is everyone's Lord. Lord Wiesmier of Everywhere eh? Sounds great doesn't it? [the answer is yes btw].

His Lordship came into my company whilst I was living in my home town of Bath [that's Baaarrrrth with three A's and four R's ]. He is lovely. Cuddly and everything. And Brave. Did I tell you he is brave? Well, trust me he is brave. Keeps off the daleks all on his own. Never had a dalek attack since he has been with me. That's how brave he is. Eve doesn't appreciate that.

And modest. Keeps himself to himself  - except when he doesn't that is - but apart from that he is. I know for a fact that he was in the original British Commando group that trained in Scotland somewhere. Of course he didn't allow them to put his depiction on the Commando statue - but if you go there you'll note there are always rabbits around the place - on guard as it happens under orders from Lord Wiesmier! His Lordship was even briefly rabbitnapped while we were in Cuba but he made friends with Fidel and got back to us unscathed. He won't tell you that.

He might tell you he ran a kebab shop though. Got the t-shirt and everything whilst he was in Athens for the Paralympic thingy some years back. He might tell you that. In fact, somewhere in the dark recesses of my neg filing system [down the back of the settee probably] I have a snap of is Lordship on the beach. But I can't find it.

He won't tell you he was asked to be King. King of everything he surveys - but that isn't a lot - and as I said, he is modest and turned it down. Respectfully.

His Lordship has been known to get stroppy though - though not without reason - obviously. His Lordship would not allow me to display his portrait as yet since he needs something [a hernia operation]. But I do have a lovely snap of the Lordy bot to delight you.

Please all bow/curtsey.

The Lordly Bot

I shall tell you about his Pirating another day......

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