Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dead sheeps in developer

The title of this post may not be entirely accurate to be totally honest. I'm sure the local shoppe wouldn't let that happen but all the same there always seems to be an inordinate amount of crud on the negs from there. Just found the unopened can of developed negs and thought I'd scan them. Even when an infra-red clean is used on the Vuescan software, it barely gets better. Perhaps I need Digital ICE - or better still, Digital deep-freeze.

All the same you can just make out Eve posing among the strategically placed coloured things in the steps of a B&B on the mainland sometime back when we went down for The Pirate's 75th I think it was.

Of course we had balloons. Who doesn't at a party - although not sure what purpose they served bar ensure the visitors were still breathing.

And we visited local shoppes and cafes. Of course we did - here's Eve with Ms Angela .

An yes there was a dog too - when we took a stroll along the beach under Culzean Castle.

Maybe this is why I rarely use colour!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Did I tell you I have glass plates?

Not sure Neipce would be pleased with this one. I mean, it's a lot easier to take a snap with a dry plate than with the method that he used a year or two back. I used an old R25 Ilford plate  - 4x5. Exposed in a pinhole box too. Rather like the effect as it happens. Might have to print this one.

This second one - same sort of plate but taken first is less appealing to me. Talking of which I saw a little book in An Lanntair which was all about what makes good photographs good! I didn't bother to read it as I suspect it has the air of a camera club about it.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

little hole

I found a little hole the other day. It was knocking around the house amongst the dust. So I stuck some tin foil around it and put onto the front of a home manufactured box that fits 4x5 darkslides. Surprisingly, I snuck some Ortho film in the darkslide and then took the whole affair out for a little trip to see the moor. Or part of it - and the car roof. As you do.

Yes, of course it's a masterpiece. Why shouldn't be? I'm sure that you all will be telling me that anyway.

Friday, April 17, 2015


I still have a few miles of Polypan-f copy film in the fridge. I use it from time to time with varying results. Best of all the stuff, shot at 100 and developed in Rodinal 1:100 can be nice and crispy.

This is not developed in Rodinal but Acurol-N - at 1;100. I know one shouldn't but I did and I'm not sure about it - bit muddy and all that. Having said that it might be them ducks who make it muddy. Granted the snap was taken towards the drizzly sun, the dusks weren't keen and demanded recompense - which they didn't get I might add.

This old boat stood still long enough for me to get this action shot. Again with the OM1n and Polypan-f but developed with Rodinal. Nice eh? Not bad for 1s / 3d a roll. The boat is at Brevig harbour where several boats of this ilk seem to be retirement - or at least in respite!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


There's this road here in the village. It goes just down from here [over there] to there [pointing]. It nice too - especially on the day when the sun shines. Curves wonderfully and the land lies just right, the grass waggles a bit in the soft breeze and the fence post threaten to throw them selves down the cliff onto a beach.

I believe it's classy tarmac too - but that's not an area of expertise for me. I'll ask the local MP as they have an opinion on everything.

The road ends here - just where the path to Tolsta Head begins. I was out there with The Crofter and his fiancée as they took the long walk to find sheeps. There's a house here too - to the left of the hut and thing that looks suspiciously like a Steve Dilworth rip off - only with less usefulness.

Slow and easy

I'm having a tired time at the moment. Not sure why completely - although I do have an idea. So, I slowly look at my snaps after I have developed the things. That pleases me. I actually managed a darkroom hour or two the other day too.

Anyway, tis some walls I found - down Valtos way. Snapped up with the OM1n and Polypan-f.

I have a thing about walls. I like nice ones with character and history. Moss and gaps. That sort of thing. These walls have all these me thinks. My fav is the boundary wall across Valtos - think it's on Valtos anyway. Walked the length of it before now, enjoying its being and everything. Well worth the effort too.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Eve lookng at the Curlies

Or maybe she was looking at,,,, at something else. In the sun. With our little motorised vehicle in the background. On the island and everything.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Yep, colour. I used to use colour - before I was saved and everything. Slides too. Sometimes they look nice too.

Nice road in Chile on the edge of the Atacama near Bolivia/Argentine. Got the jeep stuck soon after at about 15,000 ft.

Somewhere nearish by in the Atacama or somewhere thereabouts. Does anyone know that creature? I think it may have been Domino, the ragged Llama.

Oh, and a nice camping place in the Faeroes. Sometime last century in both cases.

Looking at these again I may try some more slides - if I can find the cost of the developing!