Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stornoway in the future

This was taken in the future. It's a new technique too long and complicated to bother you with here. I'm liking this though. To be able to 'see' into the future with a camera [not electric imaging device] is really cutting my biscuit at the moment.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It must be the green tea

Maybe it was the green tea all brewed nicely at 81c and all that. Radio4 seemed to have taken a turn for the interesting - just like my dream last night when my [un-named] friend and Eve my partner rode a tandem along a narrow path on a cliff edge and.....

No, it wasn't nice.

You see, Radio4 seemed to have a taken an odd turn Monday morning and I wasn't sure whether I was hallucinating. Recycled radio and the Cold Swedish Winter had me both enthralled and wierded up as well. And everything.

Our darling furry-face of a cat HHHCB was there listening with me, hiding behind her pile of books and the flowers. I snapped her up with a handy Fuji Instax camera and here we have it.

Monday, August 18, 2014


He enjoys his job so much, even his troosers are smiling. The 'staff' holds the ladder and thinks of times to come.

Malcolm Macleod for that's who it is, takes THE snap of the day at the opening of the marina. Loves that ladder he does. Takes it everywhere. I must get him on the good- tub Freyja with it :-) 

I also snapped up this fellow-me-lad who was cycling in the sunshine from there to there. His tent pole was broken so Mr Flying Monk used his piston rods to help him fix it. Apparently.

No, I didn't mean what you are thinking.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


It's up again.
Did the deed of re-upping the mast in the corner of the harbour between some old fishing boats - which did indeed make our little tub Freyja look very tidy indeed. We had the mast down after a little incident at sea a few days ago. Today, despite the breeze, rain and what have you, and a lot of help from Eddy and Gerald, the thing is now pointing up the right way, the wire string is all attached in the right places and most of the piles of gull-poo has been washed off the deck.

I might even go out next week and attach the sails again, have a little bob around the outer harbour, sing laugh and shout. Hopefully, no-one shall hear me.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oh well.

I'm still reeling from the carnival day - all that goings on and everything. Of course it's raining today, the wind is breezing so not sure I can do what we had planned. I might have to invade the darkroom - maybe print this magnificence.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Harrrrrr" or something equally pantomime

Vikings eh?

We've had more than our share of Viking types here recently. There was one lot straight out of panto who shouted Harrrr a lot and waved faux axes and shields around, wore leather and slept on blow-up mattress! Blow-up mattresses? Are you sure? Why didn't they sleep on straw or something. Can't be proper Vikings can they?

Then there were the Nordic Vikings who sailed into port in their 120 ft long longboat. Now these are proper Vikings surely! Lovely wooden boat, sleeping on the bottom of the boat under canvas and not a 'Harrrr' among them. I mean, even the huge mast broke on one voyage and they still kept going - found another tree and now they are off again!

I mean,,,,,,

Proper mast that

And a proper boat.

Harrrrr !
See, didn't even flinch


Another snap from my occasional series - "Can't think of what to post".

They were CaNadien or something - making a lovely squawk as they performed at the opening of the marina on the pontoon we clouted somewhat ungracefully with the good tub Freyja the other day.

I snapped them up with the Zorki-4 armed with a Jupiter12 lens. The darkroom revealed this. Eh?

On the nice Kentmere Fineprint finegrain fb paper. No longer made sadly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There 'it' is

Told you I was going in the darkroom and I did, helped by the lashing wind and rain outside. Mostly outside anyway. Must sort the darkish room roof.

This I might add is from a 35mm neg onto Kentmere Fineprint paper. I can't just come up with a title for this so I'm hoping someone else will.

I like it all the same, name or no-name.