Tuesday, September 30, 2014

That's it; I'm close to throwing myself off the edge of the ...... carpet!

La la la LA LA LA LA LA

Has it gone yet? I mean, can I open my eyes and see if it's gone? 

Oh, I can't hear anything. Can't see nowt neither, the curtains are drawn and everything. It's all stopped shaking too. Maybe it's stopped - for the time being.

They are really nice mind you but that hammering - argh! Only three weeks to go and it'll be all over - if I haven't thrown myself off the [fairly ] deep pile carpet first!

Anyway, as I wasn't saying - but should have been, I found this little snap I tooked a while back whilst slumming it in Ayrshire - that's the mainland UK just below the bit just above and all that. I was there for Mr Posse's celebration of 75 years past his birthday. This was / still is Angie, posing in the water. The sea stuff.

This will see the inside of the darkish room - once I can find a space and a suitable moment.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sorry and all that

Have now extracted my head from a dark place. The world looks better now.

I have looked at a snap from our week away and, decided on a new career. Can't be all bad can it?

"Ere, are ye off with that camera thing of yorn to snap up them boats again Jazzer"?

Yes, I'm going to write a play based on the Achers characters - and cameras and boats. Of course. What with global warming, sea level rise ! Eh? You hadn't thought of that had you? Well, I did. Writ the first line and everything. I might even have a title. Bound to be a hit. I'm already looking at new a Leica camera and Boats to spend my ill gotten gains from the play.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm not feeling good about myselves

Yes, you read that right - 'selves'. How can I beat myself up if I am only one? Tell me that. Eh?

And I feel right beat up I can say. All beat up inside, the head is thick with beat-up-ness and the eyes only 'see' something like this print snap thing.

Mind you, the snap thing is nice - you don't have to tell me that, I know it. It has I think pure essence of Spainland. At least I think itwas snapped there. It still has essence of Spainland even if it isn't there. I shone some light through a suitable neg onto some old paper I found at the bottom of my small pile of paper. This was then shoved into some RoleiLit and, I ended up with this. I like it. Even if I don't like myself [at the moment].

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I did this

from the set; Spainland

Got out the Rollei Lith chemicals, some old Agfa RC paper and shone a light through a neg. This is what I got. I rather like it.

I particularly like Lith printing. One never quite knows what you can get. Sure Dr Tim Rudman seems to have a way of reproducing things nicely but the unpredictability of the process [for me] I do enjoy.

Friday, September 26, 2014

I might get round to something else soon

These Picos Europa hills were rather photogenic what with the nice hooses and them there rocks - not forgetting the eagles and vultures flitting around the place. Couldn't resit snapping here and there. Particularly here. Nice cafe here too.

Not sure we will be going to abroad next year - apart from England - on account of all the hassles travelling, the declining state of the world's atmosphere/climate and the fact that I at least am getting old. I might has to re-visit my moving life snaps!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Trips off the island usually mean an opportunity to see some ART - or things represented as ART anyway. That's a discussion among myselves for another day.

Recently we took off to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park [YSP]- somewhere in Yorkshire, which did seem apt. There was grand work being shown by Ursula von Ridingsvard. Inspiring stuff though I don't think it'll fit into the Summer Parlour here. Although perhaps that's not the point - it looks just lovely where it is and everyone can see it there. The YSP is fantastic, lovely to stroll around on a warm day, plenty to discover including Andy Goldsworhty, Ai Weiwei and many others as well as Ursula's work. You must visit. We did - again.

....and steward

.... and viewer

bench and shadows. This maybe not ART but merely arty.